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Whispers Feminine Spray

December 13, 2017 0 Comments

Whispers Feminine Spray

Whispers Feminine Spray

Our Feminine Care line has really taken off and we are so grateful to God for blessing us with customers who have put their trust in us to provide natural products to care for the yoni. 

We would like to take this time to address a few concerns about our Whispers Feminine Spray.  It has received rave reviews, but there is a small few who have stated that the product has no scent and feels/looks like plain water.

Here is what to expect from Whispers Feminine Spray

  1. It is all natural
  2. It does contain what some may view as water, which is hydrosols of Rose and Lavender
  3. It is not meant to make your vaginal smell like roses or fruity for that matter. Every vaginal has a smell unique to the individual. Keep in the mind the smell of the vaginal is impacted by a number of factors, one being your diet.
  4. It is formulated to give a spritz of freshness when needed (a boost of confidence). It can be sprayed on the panties and/or on the external vaginal area. It should not be sprayed in the vaginal canal
  5. There is no added fragrance however there is a scent which is derived from the ingredients. I personally, smell more of the witch hazel with a hint of rose. Some customers can pick up just the lavender, while others can detect something totally different than what’s in it.  The point is everyone’s sense of smell is different and will detect a smell or nothing at all.
  6. Bonus: it can be used on linens, underarm when in a pinch for deodorant, as a facial mist, a soother for after shaving/waxing and so much more

We hope this post shed some light on why the appearance of the Feminine Spray looks like water and why some may not detect a smell



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