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Body Oil Sampler Gift Set

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This wonderful Body Oil Sampler Gift Set trio of pure + simple body oils is great as a gift or a perfect way to try out some truly delightful oils. It consists of three 1/2 oz glass bottles of Allure, Lucki and Tranquil body oils.

The three glass bottles are individually labeled and bundled together in a reusable muslin bag.  Take this wonderful trio with you on a weekend get away, give as a gift, keep one in your purse, gym bag, desk drawer, etc.

Allure Body Oil is a symmetry of elegant roses blended with sweet floral and uplifting citrus. A luxe feminine scent that opens with citrus top notes of Bergamot, leading to a blooming heart of Geranium and Lavender, to be warmly embraced by Amyris in the base notes.

Lucki Body Oil is a light, orchestra of juicy oranges laced with uplifting citrus and zesty tang. A charming unisex scent that opens with citrus top notes of Pink Grapefruit, leading to a sweet zest of Lime to be cheerfully embraced by Mandarin in the base notes.

Tranquil Body Oil is a balance of fresh lavender blended with herbal musk and sweet floral. A calming scent that opens with floral top notes of Lavender, leading to a magical aromatic of Clary Sage, to be richly embraced by Ylang Ylang in the base notes.

Things to know and tips for the trio:

  • 100% Natural
  • We use only the finest pure essential oils to develop the fragrances
  • Dab on dry patches to revive skin
  • Use to smooth hair and add shine
  • Massage into cuticles and nail beds at night to promote healthy nails
  • Make a great massage oil
  • Apply while skin is damp
  • Almond, Sweet Oil: good source of vitamin E and D, quickly absorbed with effective emollient property, suited for sensitive skin and great for hair and nails
  • Avocado: great source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and Beta carotene, combats dry skin, improves the skins tone and texture
  • Camellia Oil: protects from free radical damage, excellent for delicate skin, nourishes the complexion, quickly absorbed with effective emollient property
  • Coconut Oil: penetrates skin quickly, softens skin and help strengthen hair
  • Jojoba Oil: nature’s only oil that resembles human sebum, rich in Vitamin E, promotes healthy skin, excellent for hair and body.
  • Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant to repair free radical damage and improves skin elasticity


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