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Fancy Feet Gift Set

Fancy Feet Gift Set consists of 3 natural, pampering treats for your feet. Soak, Exfoliate and Moisturize your feet with this nourishing foot care collection. Each feet treat is bundled in a keepsake muslin bag for you to keep all your items together.

Fancy Feet Gift Set features a soothing and relaxing Botanical Mineral Foot Soak with Himalayan Salt for relieving tired feet from a stressful day. A "The Grit" handmade soap to clean, condition and buff away dead skin. And, an extremely rich and nourishing Lemon-Mint Foot Balm with Cocoa and Shea Butters to condition, moisturize and hydrate scaly, dry feet


1. Begin by pampering your feet with the Botanical Mineral Foot Soak. Add desired amount to warm foot basin, dip your feet for a minimum of 10 minutes and start experiencing the refreshing treatment of this foot soak, while you relieve your overworked, tired feet.

2. Cleanse and exfoliate your feet with The Grit handmade soap. Dip bar in water and rub across feet, apply pressure on areas that may require more attention, such as dry heels. *A pumice stone may be needed for stubborn calluses and scaly feet.

3. Seal in moisture with the Natural Foot Balm. Be sure to pat feet dry, while feet are slightly damp, swipe fingers across balm and rub into feet. Start with a small amount and increase if needed. *Keep water out of the container

Set Includes

9 oz Botanical Mineral Foot Soak*
4 oz The Grit Soap
1.8 oz Lemon-Mint Foot Balm*

Packaged in glass bottles/jars

NOTE: All images are for reference only; products may vary slightly due to the handmade nature. Please allow for slight color differences in your finished products.

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