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Natural Five Salve Gift Set

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Looking for a way to try our natural salves? Want to share with family and friends? Look no further, our Natural Salve Five-Pack bundle is a great way to try all of our natural salves and save at the same time.

Our Natural Salve Five-Pack Contains:

Calendula, Chickweed & Plantain, Herbal, Tea Tree & Neem and Whispers Feminine Salve

• Calendula Salve - is excellent for reducing inflammation, promoting healthy tissue regeneration and fast healing, moisturizing dry, chapped skin and soothing a baby’s bottom.
• Chickweed & Plantain - is an excellent all-natural herbal remedy for many skin conditions, such as flare-ups, insect bites, rashes, itchy skin, skin inflammation and more
• Herbal Salve - is excellent as a quick, soothing on-the-spot treatment for rashes, eczema, cracked lips, and other skin irritations. It offers mild pain relief while helping nourish your skin as it begins the work of healing.
• Tea Tree & Neem Salve - is excellent for eczema-prone skin to summer sunburns, from scraped knees to scratched hands, and from kitchen burns to bug bites, A great all purpose salve
• Whispers Feminine Salve - relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, and soreness – both by protecting damaged tissue and by speeding up your body’s own healing processes. It’s also a great lubricant, both for intercourse (just don’t use it with latex!) and for perineal stretching prior to giving birth.

Apply a thin layer of salve as needed to affected area. DO NOT use on deep cuts, the salve will begin to heal before the wound is cleansed of bacteria and material.

Whispers for Women Salve is sensitive to temperature (this is part of what makes it work so well for coating vaginal tissue), which means it may arrive melted after transit, especially in summer months. Just place it in the freezer until it re-solidifies. Once it’s brought back to room temperature, it can be used as normal. Store the jar in a cool place to avoid re-melting.

Packaged in glass amber jars (1.8 oz)

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