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Tranquil Body Butter

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Give your skin the moisturizing treatment it deserves with Tranquil Body Butter. Its smooth, balm-like texture deeply penetrates to condition, moisturize and revive parched skin. Tranquil Body Butter is suitable for anyone who wants to pamper their skin with an all-natural, water-free, hydrating moisturizer.

  • African Shea Butter to deeply penetrate the skin with moisture, retain skin’s elasticity and protect against environmental-elements while repairing cellular degeneration
  • Aloe Butter aids in the delivery of rapid moisture to dry skin while soothing and protecting the skin. 
  • Almond Butter brings a rich source of vitamins D and E to nourish the skin and prevent moisture loss
  • Coconut Oil moisturize, soothe and softens dry, itchy skin.
  • Vitamin E gives a soothing finish that will leave your skin feeling supple and completely renewed.

Tranquil Body Butter is an all-natural moisturizer that hydrates without leaving an oily residue. Its relaxing scent is derived from natural, plant-based essential oils that open with sweet, herbal top notes of Chamomile leading to floral herbaceous notes of lavender. Tranquil Body Butter glides on smooth and melts on contact with skin, leaving your skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

We package 4.25 ounces in a recyclable amber jar.

While skin is still damp from shower or bath, massage all over body in a circular motion. Can be used from head to toe.


  • Dab on dry patches to revive skin
  • Use to uplift dry, brittle hair
  • Massage into cuticles and nail beds at night to promote health nails
  • Great for dry, cracked elbows, knees and feet
  • Helps heal chapped lips

Please store in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness, as this body balm does not contain any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. It is very concentrated and only a small amount is needed to be effective. This product should last a long time

This product may melt during summer transit or left in hot temperatures. If it does, place in freezer until solid, once at room temperature enjoy. Store in cool area.

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