Herbal Salve

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From winter-chapped skin to summer sunburns, from scraped knees to scratched hands, and from kitchen burns to bug bites, Herbal Salve offers a natural remedy that feels great and promotes your body’s natural healing process. A container of this pure Herbal Salve makes an ideal stocking stuffer and a great gift for teachers, cooks, gardeners, hikers, and new parents – or anyone who deals with bumps and scrapes!

Herbal Salve also makes a quick, soothing on-the-spot treatment for rashes, eczema, cracked lips, and other skin irritations. It offers mild pain relief while helping nourish your skin as it begins the work of healing.

Keep some in your pocket, purse, desk drawer, or emergency bag for whenever you need to quickly soothe your skin and start the process of recovering from one of daily life’s little bumps!

Key ingredients in this superb good-for-what-ails-you balm include the following:

  • ST. JOHN’S WORT, for soothing minor skin irritations caused by weather and climate

  • CALENDULA, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce bruising

  • CHICKWEED, to speed up the natural healing process while calming itches

  • PLANTAIN, an astringent herb that helps detox insect bites, infections, and rashes

You’ll receive 1.8 oz of salve packaged in a glass jar. Just apply a thin layer as needed to get these pure ingredients’ robust benefits. (If it increases your discomfort, you should of course discontinue use immediately!)

Pair your herbal salve with our Tea Tree and Neem Soap for a more complete, gentle minor wound care procedure based on natural healing approaches.


This salve is formulated to soften immediately on your skin – which means it can melt as it approaches body temperature, especially during shipping. Just set the container upright in the freezer until it solidifies, then let it come back to room temperature. Your salve won’t experience any loss of potency in this process.

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