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Sample - Mini Salve


Salve Mini Samples

These samples are a great way to try before committing to a larger size. Makes an excellent gift and travels well. We don't go on vacation without all of these salves as someone in our group is sure to have a scrape, bruise, ache and so on.  These salves have been a life saver for us and we hope that it will be for you too.

All .85 oz samples are packaged in glass amber jars and labeled with details 

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  • Anti-fungal Salve - the combination of naturally soothing and calming herbs and oils in our Anti-Fungal Salve have been chosen for their ability to help calm and protect the skin in a multitude of different ways. Anyone from outdoors enthusiasts to athletes and gardeners is going to find a use for this potent salve and should keep one on hand!
    The main ingredient, Black Walnut Hull, has been used for many generations as a traditional herbal remedy for certain skin conditions among other uses. Additional ingredients include soothing Calendula and Chaparral, which was used by Native Americans in their folk medicine and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Calendula Salve - is a marvelous all-purpose healing salve that is easily absorbed and can help soothe the skin and offer relief from minor skin troubles such as dry skin, chapped lips, sunburn and other minor scrapes, burns and rashes. It is also often used as a natural alternative to commercial diaper creams to calm the skin on baby's bottom or chapped cheeks.
  • Muscle Rub - Soothe and relax sore and tired muscles with our herbal Muscle Rub! Tried and true natural ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, comfrey and St John's Wort are included along with soothing oils like coconut and avocado. The moisturizing oils that make up the base for this rub help soften the skin and let the essential oils and herbal ingredients do their work on your legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck and any muscle that needs some TLC after a workout, run or a spot of gardening. This rub is also ideal to use for your everyday aches!
  • Whispers Feminine Salve - irritated vaginal tissue’s best friend is natural Whispers for Women Salve! Whether caused by insufficient lubrication, physiological stress, childbirth, a pelvic exam, or just in-the-moment enthusiasm, vaginal discomfort and pain is naturally eased and comforted by Whispers for Women Salve.

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