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Glowing Skin 4-Step System

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Even out your skin tone with this 4-Step Botanical facial care set that brightens, soothes and restores skin to reveal a calm, healthy appearance.

Set includes

2 oz Egg White, Licorice and Turmeric Facial Cleanser

2 oz Aloe, Honey and Turmeric Facial Mask

4 oz Turmeric and Nag Facial Toner

1 oz Nag, Niacinamide and Turmeric Serum

More Info

Step 1: Cleanse Face with Facial Cleanser

Step 2: Use Mask for up to 10 mins (use only once per week)

Step 3: Tone with Clear Toner

Step 4: Apply Serum

Added Step: Use Under Eye Coffee Elixir to combat dark circles

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