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Clear Skin Cleansing Grains & Mask



Give your skin a deep cleansing treatment it deserves with Clarify Cleansing Grains and Mask. It is a natural powerful blend of clays, milk and extracts that cleanses, exfoliate, detoxifies and heals while leaving you with a balanced, radiant glow. This herbal scented cleanser is the perfect alternative to harsh facial cleansers.

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Clarify Cleansing Grains and Mask begins with toxin-removing Bentonite Clay for its cleansing, unclogging and healing properties. A heaping of mineral-rich French Green Clay draws out debris, impurities and oil from the skin as it rejuvenates to promote glowing skin that looks smoother, softer and healthier. Vitamin-rich coconut milk replenishes moisture to dehydrated skin, while softening the skin to reveal healthy glowing skin. And, lavish helpings of honey, aloe, white willow bark and pineapple  powder gives a soothing finish that will leave your skin feeling supple and completely renewed. 

Clarify Cleansing Grains and Mask is suitable for oily and congested skin types, but all skin types can personalize for your needs by choosing your favorite liquid mixer. Give the cleansing grains a boost with aloe, avocado, yogurt, hydrosols, tea or simply mix with water. Whichever liquid your choose, your skin will thank you!

How to Use:

Scoop 1-2 teaspoons of grains into palm or small dish and mix with liquid of choice making a thin paste. Gently massage into warm, wet skin. Rinse immediately or let paste remain on skin up to 10 minutes as a facial masque. Follow up with our Clear Skin Facial Toner and Clear Skin Facial Serum.

* Use as a facial scrub 1 – 2 times a week on freshly cleansed skin
* As a clay masque, use once per week on freshly cleansed skin ( do not allow the clay to get to the point that it is dry and crumbly on your face, leave on face for a maximum of 20 minutes)
* Add hydrating and healthy ingredients, such as oils, essential oils, honey, etc.
* Always start with a clean face
* Avoid acidic liquids, like vinegar and lemon juice, they can interfere with the action of the mask
* Avoid mixing in metal bowls, they can interfere with the minerals in the clay.


Clarify Cleansing Grains and Mask contains absolutely NO artificial ingredients, fillers, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, artificial colors, or preservatives. Each ingredient is included to serve a purpose. It is a water-free product that travels well, sustainable and eco-friendly. We DO NOT do animal testing on our products or ingredients.

Caution: Keep water out of jar

As with any of our products, please patch test on a small area of skin to test for sensitivity.

We package 1 ounce in a recyclable glass jar.

Full Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay, Coconut Milk, Honey Powder. Aloe Vera Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Pineapple Extract, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil



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