Yoni Care Discovery Samples


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Introducing our Yoni Care Discovery Samples, a comprehensive selection designed to empower and nurture your feminine wellness. These thoughtfully crafted samples are everything you need for a holistic and rejuvenating yoni care routine.

You'll find a range of natural products specifically formulated to support your intimate self-care journey. Our gentle and pH-balanced yoni gel washes provide a soothing cleanse while maintaining the delicate vaginal flora. Accompanying this, our yoni oil, enriched with nourishing botanical extracts, helps moisturize and promote overall vaginal health.

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To enhance your self-care rituals, our yoni mist and feminine spray will give you a confident boost throughout the day, while our yoni scrubs will pamper and rejuvenate your most delicate area.  And, our feminine salves will moisturize and soothe. Each  item is an excellent addition to your self-care routine.

A little goes a very long way.  Each sample is enough for a minimum of 4 uses.

Our Yoni Care Discovery Samples are thoughtfully designed to embrace your unique journey towards self-love and self-care. Experience the power of natural ingredients to reconnect with your femininity and embrace the divine harmony within. Elevate your yoni care routine with any or all of these samples and embark on a transformative path to holistic well-being.

Take one, two...or all:

.5 oz Yoni Gel with Butterfly Pea & Chamomile

.5 oz Sacred Pearl Wash with Cranberry & Hibiscus

.5 oz Yum Yum Yoni & Body Scrub

.5 oz Sacred Pearl Yoni & Body Scrub

.5 oz Sacred Feminine Yoni Oil (glass bottle)

.5 oz Sacred Pearl Salve with Cranberry & Sea Moss (glass jar)

.5 oz Whispers Feminine Salve (glass jar)

.5 oz Yoni Mist & Cleansing Spray (glass bottle)

.5 oz Feminine Spray (glass bottle)