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Sample - Body Wash


Here is a way to try all of our body washes or to gift them to others. 

Ultra-Hydrating and Nourishing Body wash

This product is not from a base, it is made from scratch.

Enjoy the soothing foaming feel of this gentle and non-stripping daily body wash

It’s designed for moisture and to replenish essential nutrients to your skin. Perfect for everyday use and convenient for travel!

When paired with a sponge pouf or Sapo African sponge, a small amount foams into a rich, silky lather to remove dead skin. Our mild, natural formula clarifies and promotes supple-looking, healthy skin.


  • Cashmere - this scent will have you feeling like a rich b*itch. It will embrace you with sweet cocoa butter with hints of coconut leading to elegant undertones of rich vanilla, jasmine and cedarwood
  • Charcoal & Tea Tree - this herbal complex fragrance derived from essential oils with hints of lavender, tea tree and rosemary is delightful!
  • Mr, Macho
  • Turmeric & Lemon - a burst of citrus with a hint of lemongrass
  • Very Berry - if you are a fan of the Yum Yum Yoni Scrub scent then you will love this body wash. The berry flavor will have you screaming Yum! A custom blend of black berries, fresh peaches and strawberries drizzled with vanilla. It’s intoxicating.


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