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Whispers Cleansing Wipes


Whispers Cleansing Wipes are just what you need to help you feel fresh when taking a shower is not an option. Soft and natural, they are ideal to keep in your purse to use at work, while traveling or otherwise on the go to keep clean while you're on your menstrual, before/after intimacy or after working out at the gym. Use them at home for a gentle yet powerful cleansing action that you just don't get with toilet paper alone!

Bonus: Great for face and babies

More Info

Whispers Cleansing Wipes are perfect for women and girls with sensitive skin or those who prefer not to use commercially produced chemical-based feminine hygiene products. Our Whispers Cleansing Wipes contain all-natural plant-based ingredients that combine to provide a mild cleansing action, leaving you feeling refreshed and your skin naturally soft and moisturized.

The botanical ingredients in Whispers Cleansing Wipes includes rose water, which soothes and refreshes the skin while adding a mild, feminine fragrance and a pH that is similar to your skin, plus aloe vera which naturally moisturizes and softens skin.

These all-natural feminine hygiene wipes come in a pack of 10. Order two today: one for your purse and one to keep at home!

Benefits & Use

Things to know:

  • Gentle feminine hygiene wipes
  • Now with 20 wipes, perfect for travel and on the go
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pure essential oils
  • Naturally paraben free!
  • Mild, plant-based ingredients are ideal for the sensitive skin of the vaginal area
  • Rose water gently cleanses and refreshes
  • Aloe is a natural moisturizer
  • Great for face and babies


Use wipe from the pack to clean the genital area (always wipe from front to back to avoid transfer of bacteria). Dispose of used wipes in a trash can, do not flush.



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