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Yoni Stick, Feminine Deodorant, Mini


.50 oz Travel Size Yoni Deodorant Stick

Here is a treat for the sacred area. A natural feminine deodorant specifically created to help absorb wetness and odor in pubic hair and vagina area.  It goes on smooth and absorbs into the skin leaving no residue behind. It is long lasting and convenient to carry in your purse, perfect in the warmer months and for anyone who wants to feel confident all day.

Our feminine deodorant - Yoni Stick is extremely effective at keeping odor away, while moisturizing your delicate skin.  Loaded with arrowroot, clay, magnesium, zinc and essential oils to keep you fresh all day. This gentle formula just adds a fresh note and neutralizes armpit odor with natural ingredients.

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The aroma of Feminine Deodorant (Yoni Stick) is a hint of citrus and vanilla that is uplifting and cheerful, helping you feel ready to take on the day with confidence. And, it’s made with therapeutic essential oils, not perfumes! The absence of common toxins makes this smooth deodorant a wiser choice for your lady part.

The pure and natural odor-fighters in Feminine Deodorant (Yoni Stick) don’t just mask odor – instead, most of them work by killing the bacteria that cause smells when they mingle with your natural sweat. 

Here are some of the key ingredients:

ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, which lubricates the skin while its properties kill odor-causing bacteria

ARROWROOT POWDER, to absorb moisture and discourage toxins from collecting 

KAOLIN CLAY, works as a wonderful moisture absorber.

MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE, counteract any odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin

SHEA BUTTER and VITAMIN E, to soothe sensitive skin

Feminine Deodorant (Yoni Stick) is packaged in a recyclable, twist-up tube.  Only one to two swipes externally in the thigh creases, pubic hairs and labia area is needed. Try to not over-apply! The natural deodorant goes on smooth



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