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Essential Intimate Care Tips for Maintaining Hygiene Every Lady Must Know

January 30, 2023 0 Comments

Essential Intimate Care Tips for Maintaining Hygiene Every Lady Must Know

This is part of our Handy Dandy Feminine Hygiene series, if you have not do so, please start at the beginning of this series by clicking here

Essential Intimate Care Tips for Maintaining Hygiene Every Lady Must Know

1.Don’t Douche

Your cookie knows how to take care of itself. Its natural discharge eliminates bacteria and germs from your body.

The only thing douching does is get rid of the microbiome or good bacteria that keep your vag healthy. When you wash out the good bacteria, you’re only increasing your chances of infection.

 That’s because good bacteria keep bad microorganisms in check. It protects your body against urinary and reproductive tract infections

2.Wear Breathable and Comfortable Underwear

Cotton is your vagina’s best friend. You need to allow your honey pot to breathe every day just like you do with your exposed skin.

Breathable, comfortable undies = Happy, healthy vagina. You know how sticky and sweaty you get after wearing certain synthetic fabrics? That’s how it is down there as well.

Silk, satin, and lace may look luxurious, but they’re not the best underwear fabrics. Satin tends to retain moisture. That’s why it’s a popular choice for scarves and hair bonnets.

It doesn’t mean you have to throw out your lacy undies. Instead, you can line the crotch with cotton from an old t-shirt. Also, be mindful of using harsh fabric softeners when washing your underwear.

3.Have Designated Undies for that Time of the Month

When Aunt Flo comes around for a visit, you know what that means? All the fancy, sexy thongs take a break. To avoid messing up your good underwear, select specific ones for your period.

Remember that you may need to change your sanitary pad or tampon 2-4 times during the day. So choose the comfortable ones that you won’t mind getting bloodstains on.

 You also need to wash your external areas at regular intervals. This helps to remove blood remnants, stains and prevent odors.

4.Wear Panty Liners to Keep Dry If You Have Heavy Discharge

isten up, it’s completely normal to see fluids or discharge at the end of the day. It’s simply a way your body flushes out impurities from your system.

This clear mucus-like discharge can vary in thickness based on where you are in your hormonal cycle. So don’t be scared if you have a heavy discharge.

You can wear a panty liner to absorb it and avoid dealing with damp, sticky panties all day. This tiny savior will tackle any uncomfortable feeling so you can enjoy all-day freshness.

Remember to change them frequently to prevent irritation.

5.Use Feminine Wipes or Sprays for Quick Refreshers When On The Go

Hey, it may be tempting to laze around in your swimsuit or gym gear. But your smell might become more noticeable after a workout.

You start feeling “not so fresh down there.” Or Miss V may feel funky after staying in a hot and humid place like during the summer.

If you’re on the go and want to keep things fresh, get some feminine wipes. You can also keep our refresher spray on hand to combat odors. Also, use a natural deodorant in the creases to help with sweating

6. Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

Psst… want to smell good down in your lady garden? Try changing your eating habits. A healthy diet is not just good for your body but also for your pretty peach.

Fresh yogurt and kombucha are probiotics that contain health-promoting bacteria. Also, reach for fruits like pineapple and cranberries to encourage a great scent.

Having a slight smell is absolutely normal. Your scent can change throughout the month. For instance, it can become sour/acidic before your monthly flow and sharp/pungent after.

And if the odor becomes unbearably funky or comes with an unusual discharge? Go see your doctor!

7.Sleep Without Undies to Help Ward off Bacteria

Yes, sleep naked! Rest those lacy thongs and opt for loose shorts or just sleep in your Eve form.

Even though cotton undies are lightweight and breathable, they may still trap moisture. And you know what that means— a minefield for nasty odor-causing bacteria.

8. Invest in the Right Intimate Care Products

Every woman needs gentle feminine care products as part of her bathing ritual. If you want to keep your vag happy, you need to up your hygiene game down there.

First, stay away from washes with perfumes. They can be irritating and disrupt your natural balance.

If this happens, use 2 cups of our feminine herbal soak for about 30 minutes to bring pH levels back to normal. Created with soothing, natural ingredients, it cleanses your nether region by expelling unwanted toxins. Win-win, right?

Always keep a hygiene kit with you, so you’re never caught off guard or in *ahem* sticky situations. It’s perfect for those discreet, hassle-free just-in-case moments.




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