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The 411 on R. Drew Naturals, LLC Yoni Feminine Sacred Oil (FAQs)

January 29, 2021 0 Comments

The 411 on R. Drew Naturals, LLC Yoni Feminine Sacred Oil (FAQs)

When it comes to feminine care and hygiene, there are several opinions about the issue and products on the market. Sadly, many of these feminine care products are loaded with harsh, harmful, and artificial chemicals that cause irritation and infection.

Finding natural feminine care products can be an uphill battle.

Luckily, R. Drew Naturals has an extensive range of the best feminine care products, one of which is the Yoni Feminine Sacred Oil.

Made with natural herbal ingredients, it provides holistic support for your overall vaginal health. It’s one of our top-selling organic feminine care products because it:

  • soothes itching,
  • locks in and boosts moisture,
  • promotes softness and elasticity while reducing vaginal issues,
  • refreshes dry, irritated skin,
  • relieves pain and inflammation, and
  • speeds up the healing process
  • One thing is for sure:

    The Yoni Feminine Sacred oil is a potent, healing oil you can use to soothe, moisturize, and lovingly pamper yourself daily.

    Here’s the low down on the frequently asked questions about the Yoni Feminine Sacred Oil

  • Can I Use The Yoni Oil As A Lubricant?
  • Yes, the oil is made with all-natural ingredients. We suggest that you apply it to the external area of your vagina, the public area, inner layers, and folds.

    We don’t recommend that you insert the Yoni oil into your vaginal canal.

    Bear in mind that Yoni Oil is not compatible with latex because oil breaks it down. And so, be sure to use adequate protection if need be.

    • What Is The Shelf Life Of Yoni Oil?

    Yoni oil is an anhydrous formula, meaning it doesn't contain water. It’s 100% oil and very shelf-stable.

    This follows that the product should remain fresh and retain its potency for up to 2 years after first use provided you don’t expose it to direct heat.

    • Why Is my Yoni Oil Solid?

    Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients in the Yoni oil. And it becomes solid at temperatures about 76° F.

    • How Do I Get the Yoni Oil Liquid?

    Simply run the bottle with the lid on under warm water until it melts. But ensure that you test the temperature before applying it to your skin.

    • Is the Yoni Oil Cruelty-Free?

    Absolutely yes! Yoni oil solely contains a blend of well-known herbs and essential oils including:

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Calendula Extract, Marshmallow Root Extract, Neem Extract, Chickweed Extract, Comfrey Extract, Plantain Extract, GOM & Gluten-Free Vitamin E, Aloe Extract, Helichrysum Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, and Peppermint.

  • Is Yoni Oil Safe for Sensitive Skin:
  • The Yoni oil does not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients, fragrances, additives, preservatives, or fillers. So, it’s perfect, and safe for all skin types.

    You can incorporate Yoni oil into your daily care and beauty routine without worrying about a thing!

    To keep your sacred place balanced and healthy, shop the Yoni Feminine Sacred Oil



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