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Tired Skin? 4 Bad Skincare Habits You Need to Ditch Today

June 11, 2021 0 Comments

Tired Skin? 4 Bad Skincare Habits You Need to Ditch Today

These bad skin habits are sabotaging all your efforts for clear, glowy skin

With skin concerns, the habits you practice are often the root cause of the problem. It’s easy to form bad habits with the limited active hours of the day we work with.

Using products that work is only half the battle. You need to ditch these poor skin habits and sins starting today:

Bad Skincare Habit #1: Over-Exfoliating

While the idea of having squeaky-clean, oil-free pores may seem or feel great, it can be extremely damaging. In fact, using harsh cleansers or over-exfoliating can be counterproductive.

Your skin over-produces oil to compensate for the stripped moisture. It can also trigger breakouts because your pores are now exposed to potential bacterial infections.

Harsh products can also lead to enlarged pores, irritation, and torn capillaries.

What to do instead: Use gentle toners, masks, or scrubs. Also, limit your use to 2-3 times a week.

Bad Skincare Habit #2: Forgetting to Wash Your Face

Yes, life gets busy. You have a million things to get done on our schedules. And by the time you get home, all you want is to sink into bed and get some sleep.  You can do this AFTER taking care of your skin.

Otherwise, that entire gunk marinates in your pores overnight, clogging them and causing acne. When you’re asleep, your body temperature slightly increases. This intensifies the absorption of what’s on the surface of your skin.

What to do instead: Wash your face before you get too tired. Make it a nightly routine to remove all the makeup and built-up oil. Only use antioxidant-rich, nourishing products on your face when you go to bed.

Pro Tip: Leave micellar water with cotton balls or pads on your bedside table.

Bad Skincare Habit #3: Touching your Face and Popping Zits

It can be quite tempting and oddly satisfying to squeeze that pimple and watch the pus slowly ooze out. Nothing quite beats the intoxicating feeling of tirelessly picking at a zit!

But pinching pimples and repeatedly picking at them can cause lasting damage like scarring and dark spots.

You also end up pushing bacteria deeper into your skin pores, causing infection and redness. Pimples don’t heal faster when you pop them. Rather, you slow down your body’s natural healing process and create blemishes.

What to do instead: Pimples will disappear on their own, with less chance of blemishes when you leave them alone. But if you want to dry a pimple up faster and soothe the pain, use the Clear Skin Blemish Spot Treatment.

Bad Skincare Habit #4: Ignoring Your Neck and Chest

You need to hear this: skincare doesn’t end at your jawline. Most times, we tend to skip our neck and chest area, focusing all our products and efforts on the face.

But the reality is that your neck and chest are also exposed to the harsh sun and dirt. The skin there is equally delicate and vulnerable to damage and aging. It needs the same level of protection and hydration. 

What to do instead: Whenever you’re applying your cleansers, exfoliating treatments, serums, lotions, and creams, extend it to your décolletage.

Of course, there are many other skincare no-nos, these ones are easy to avoid. You can break these bad skin habits with some patience, persistence, and commitment. This is a surefire way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful!

Which of these bad skin habits are you guilty of and ready to kick to the curb? Tell us in the comments!



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